JV Partners

Synesis Llc

Synesis was formed (2014)  for the purpose of developing and commercializing functional and healthful products by leveraging intellectual property rights and technical expertise related to phytochemistry (i.e., chemicals derived from plants). Its projects include the development of a medical food for the enteral nutrition market , a joint venture with a European pharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization of botanical drugs to treat various conditions affecting the genitourinary system, and work on the development of various nutritional supplements.  Synesis has two Managing Directors (Kenneth Iwinski and Christian Krueger) and four additional board directors, all of whom are principals/co-founders.

Farco – Pharma

FARCO-PHARMA is a worldwide supplier of products for urology and outpatient medical treatment of patients. Our products, including medicinal products and medical devices, are used in the preventive treatment, therapy, and care of critically and chronically ill patients.

FARCO-PHARMA headquarters is in Cologne; production takes place at our facility in Berlin.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Animal Sciences.
The Mission of the Animal Sciences Department is to foster scientific discoveries in animal agriculture and biology, inspire original thinking and the art of discovery through innovative education and service, therby enriching the lives of students, scientists, and society.