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Urinary tract diseases and disorders are becoming more prevalent due to our aging population. The urinary bladder is rich in molecular receptors and acts as a barrier to the absorption of urinary contents in the bladder cavity. Despite rigorous hygienic standards, about 10% of patients who are catheterized develop urinary tract infections (UTIs).


Until now, a safe and effective means for instilling medications into the bladder has been lacking. However, UroPharma’s patented direct-to-bladder (dtb) approach (dtb-instilla) enables both therapeutic and prophylactic agents to be delivered directly into the urinary bladder.

UroPharma is focused on treating a broad range of urinary tract disorders with its dtb platform to increase dosing accuracy, improve reliability, and provide safety while reducing side effects associated with oral or intravenous treatments. Not only will this minimize UTI risks associated with extended length of catheter usage but ultimately, through clinician-led dtb administration, enable patients to self-administer treatments comfortably, conveniently, safely, and accurately while improving outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

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