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9 Things to Know About Bladder Health

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Here are the top nine things we want you to know:

1. Bladder conditions are not an inevitable part of aging.

2. Bladder conditions can be treated — often without medication or surgery.

3. It’s important to understand the relationship between fluid intake and urine output. The more you drink, the more urine you make, and the sooner you’ll need to empty your bladder. In other words, if you drink a lot of fluid, urinating frequently may be completely normal.

4. What you eat and drink may affect bladder symptoms. Many people with bladder problems report that spicy or acidic foods make their symptoms worse.

5. Small amounts of bacteria live in the normal, healthy bladder.

6. The bladder, uterus, and bowel are right next to each other in the pelvis and can affect each other’s functions.

7. Bladder conditions are common in girls and young women.

8. Choices of when and how to urinate may be important to long-term bladder health.

9. Limited access to bathrooms because of the work or school environment may cause people to hold their urine for extended periods of time, which may harm the bladder in the short and long term.

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