The Problem: Oral Therapies as Current Treatments

The journey of typical oral medications to the bladder is illustrated in the figure.

Medications enter the digestive system via the gut where they are absorbed into the blood and then transported to the liver where they may be altered by the liver’s metabolism before circulating throughout the body to be picked up by receptive tissues.

The medication then typically gets gradually cleared out of the system by the kidneys and finally dripped into the bladder, an organ that will expel them when the person feels the urge. Given that each person’s body acts in a slightly different way, the end result of this journey is that medications reach the bladder (as well as other parts of the body) in varying dosages with varying degrees of effectiveness. This represents one of the fundamental flaws with treatments currently on the market; a flaw that dtb-instilla rectifies.

Enters the digestive tract
Enters the blood then the liver
Every tissue (heart, brain, eyes)
Filtered by Kidney
drip-fed into diluting urine pool
Taken Orally

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