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A meeting with the UK health Security Agency on #antimicrobial resistance (AMR) development from cystitis treatments



Some good news: I had a meeting with the #UKHSA this week to present my root cause analysis on #AMR. I was met by insightful experts in microbiology and infectious diseases, who agreed entirely with the analysis, and understand that AMR is a risk with every single #cystitis treatment using oral antibiotics notwithstanding best antimicrobial stewardship. This is a critical prerequisite for engineering and promoting clinical management changes rather than allowing the status quo of pushing #antibiotic pills for cystitis that could drive us further into the depths of despair about AMR. They recognize that cystitis is a unique clinical entity and that change is essential. I believe the associated essential issue is whether the 3 agencies, notably the MHRA, NICE and #UKHSA can sensibly collaborate to engineer the necessary changes and enable scale up within the NHS. Crisis management should focus their minds about collaboration. As the UK has elected to take a lead globally on AMR, I would like to believe the next government will push that agenda hard. Time is pressing.


I also learned of the initiatives being undertaken by the Agency and firmly recommend to you looking up the its website to see all the various projects and publications on the subject such as the ESPAUR Report, the 2024-2029 National Action Plan on tackling #AMR and the AMRiC (AMR in the Community) study.


All of us must cooperate to bring about the necessary changes, but after my meeting with the UKHSA, I feel we should be able to bring them about. Wishing us all good fortune with our efforts.

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