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Better bladder treatments in the pipeline

Why would a doctor prefer to prescribe drugs for direct delivery to the bladder over others?

  1. For their patients: It is well known amongst medical experts that direct targeting to the site of action generally is the best way to provide drug treatments on the grounds of both safety and efficacy. Also doctors know that avoiding exposure of the gut and internal system to drugs unnecessarily avoids treatment unreliability, side effects, drug interactions and gut microbiome upsets that complicate treatment safety and efficacies that oral treatments produce.

  2. For themselves: Because the device will be certified for direct drug delivery into the bladder, they can be confident that they will be covered legally in prescribing drugs approved for administration through this route. Currently it is not the case. If a drug e.g. an antibiotic, is delivered via drainage catheter, the doctor must take personal responsibility for any complications that might arise with the treatment, because it would not be covered by certification from their regulatory authority.

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230221 Better Bladder treatments
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