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Current bladder therapies is causing harm to millions of people daily

Practitioners and investors please take note.

Drugs taken orally to treat common bladder conditions, notably antibiotics and anticholinergics, are causing serious harm to millions of people daily by contributing to the rise in anti-microbial resistance, exposing our helpful gut microbiome to compounds without our knowledge of the risks that they pose to it (and therefore our patients) and from systemic side effects of anticholinergics used to treat urinary urgency. Research has concluded that oral anticholinergics even predispose to dementia. Good drugs are being delivered badly. Clinical practice for treating bladder diseases and disorders must change.

UroPharma has designed, developed, and patented the dtb-Instilla, a urine drainage and direct-to-bladder drug-delivery device that will enable a beneficial disruption of a wide-range of clinical practices by enabling the broad development under licence of intravesical (direct-to-bladder) therapeutics.

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