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New Bladder therapies to ease the suffering of millions by simply changing clinical practice.

UroPharma’s dtb-Instilla Intermittent will:

  • aid the fight against anti-microbial resistance, Urinary Tract Infections and address the serious damage inflicted on the gut microbiome by the oral delivery of antibiotics.

  • help to limit the massively increased risk of developing dementia caused by the oral delivery of anticholinergics to treat common bladder problems that cause suffering for millions worldwide.

On receipt of regulatory approval, UroPharma’s combined drainage and direct-to-bladder drug delivery technology- the dtb-Instilla –will be the first licensed direct to bladder drainage and delivery system available anywhere in the world. It is set to change clinical practice by pulling treatment for bladder disorders into the 21st century.

This clinically evolutionary and commercially exciting medical technology belongs exclusively to UroPharma.


Direct drug targeting to treat bladder disorders is a therapeutic holy grail that has eluded pharmaceutical and med-tech companies, until now. The commercial opportunity created by this technology is immense. Globally, UTIs affect an estimated 150 million people every year and at least half of women at some stage in their lives.

The World Health Organisation lists antibiotic resistance as one of the top 10 threats to humanity, whilst recent research shows that tens of millions of people taking common oral anticholinergics to treat bladder symptoms are at a 46% increased risk of developing dementia*.

The dtb-instilla will limit the systemic problems that lead to the increased risk of developing dementia as the drug will stay within the bladder rather than travelling around the brain and body first. And, as clinicians can both drain the bladder and administer the drug through the dtb-instilla, they can ensure that the right dosage is getting to the right place at the right time. Bacteria present in the bladder will face the full force of the treatment instantly, which they don’t do with even the best orally administered antibiotic or anticholinergic tablets.

Additionally, there is now also a wealth of evidence indicating that when antibiotics are taken by mouth, they damage our gut bacteria ecosystem. Putting bacterial toxins into our gut in order to kill other bacteria in our bladder may be convenient but it carries significant, well documented, medium and long-term health risks.

To combat this UroPharma intends to work with pharmaceutical companies to repurpose orally delivered medicines for direct-to- bladder delivery. It will sell specific drug formulations alongside the dtb-instilla and also license the device to pharmaceutical companies to exploit various multibillion dollar clinical market opportunities.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

UroPharma, Inc. +44 1603 260 960

References *Dmochowski Roger R, Thai Sydney, Iglay Kristy, et al Increased risk of incident dementia following use of anticholinergic agents: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis Neurourology and Urodynamics 2021;40: 16-25

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