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Combatting catheter associated #UTI (#CAUTI) - Tomorrow’s opportunities.

On the day of the UK’s launch of its new #AMR 5-year plan, I offer this account as it is closely linked in attempting to reduce the incidences of CAUTI, and thus, incident AMR risks. Here’s some food for thought


Patients and health services suffer the scourge of CAUTI in both hospitals and communities. No approved strategy has made a substantial difference. Various alternatives exist but need unblocking by officialdom. Here’s a selection:

1 - #Catheter cleaning:

To prevent perineal bacteria migrating along an indwelling catheter, antiseptically cleaning it makes sense, although alcohol wipes are of no use. because following evaporation, more perineal bacteria immediately can climb on and march along. Long-acting-antiseptic wipes exist, but the NHS doesn’t procure them, which ignores this basic hygiene need.


2 - #Antimicrobial urethral gel:

Evidence to date indicates antimicrobial catheter coatings don’t work, presumably because intra-#urethral #bacteria inoculated with catheter insertion can jump off into the #bladder before the coating’s toxin can be absorbed by them. Prevention might be achieved through bacterial attachment-entrapment. Such non-antibiotic, anti-infective compounds exist in nature and could be incorporated into a urethral gel aiming to reduce bacterial migration into bladders. They require investment for regulatory approvals


3 - Intravesical #antimicrobial prophylaxis:

CAUTI bacteria are least in number when entering the bladder during catheter insertion. They could immediately encounter high concentrations of antimicrobials thereafter following urine drainage and intravesical delivery via the same device. A drug-delivery catheter for sterile intravesical instillation of prophylactics is going through regulatory processes for future availability.

None of these tactics yet have product approval, but UroPharma is working to change the landscape. Wouldn’t it be great to smash the iatrogenic scourge of CAUTI? Follow UroPharma and me, CAUTI’s nemeses.

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