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New opportunities in bladder treatments.

As part of UroPharma’s development, Urinary Tract Infections are a main focal point. We are please to post our joint collaboration providing a better understanding of the future of direct (non-oral) treatments for bladder and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). What does this mean?

  • From a clinical perspective this is a shift in quality of life for the patient and substantially better safety and efficacy.

  • From a marketing perspective this form of treatment opens many new opportunities in bladder treatments.

See the full research article here: Pathogens | Free Full-Text | Effective Treatments of UTI—Is Intravesical Therapy the Future? (

Download the PDF article here:

S. Glickman et al - Effective Treatments of UTI - Is Intravesical Therapy the Future
Download PDF • 811KB

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