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Urinary #bladders, existential threats and #investment

The dominant goal of life for every species is its preservation. All individual lives, spanning from humans to bacteria are finite, but reproduction provides the means.


Uropathogens are so called, when friendly colonic commensals and symbionts become “dislocated” finding way into bladders where they become our enemies in pursuit of their essential goal. Our intravesical environment sometimes just can’t overcome the invaders.


That’s unsurprising. #Bacteria have been adapting to hostile environments for 3.8 billion years, during which time they have developed a plethora of robust features for the purpose. Some can survive famine with intracellular stores of reserve materials or can differentiate into “resting forms” in nutrient deficient environments. They collaborate, look after their “relatives,” sometimes even suicidally self-sacrificially. They can mutate to adapt and build biofilm fortresses to survive environmental threats. They also can be very aggressive invaders and, although microscopic, can pack a very macroscopic “punch.”


#Uropathogens derive strength in numbers. To win against them our best chances are to rid them entirely from the battlefield, when least in number. Antibiotics may be fatal to them before they can muster their defences, but time is on their side through growth, fortress building and mutation. Drip-feeding antibiotics into #urine pool diluents delays therapeutic effects and so facilitates AMR.


People who need catheters are especially at risk from uropathogens because the #devices pave the way for invasion. Nevertheless, #catheters are necessary clinical tools.

With all this in mind, UroPharma has developed a #urinary #catheter to #enable timely high concentration, immediate post-drainage, sterile, direct #intravesical #drug #instillations intended to help overcome the challenges of cystitis and fundamental flaws of catheters that yield catheter associated #UTI (#CAUTI). Hopefully, it will soon be #approved to open the door to a range of #antimicrobial #instillations, under licence, to hit the invaders hard before they can wreak their havoc in our patients’ #bladders.


UroPharma seeks #investors to help bring this about.

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