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"We know almost nothing about managing UTI"

“We know almost nothing about managing UTI.” This assertion went unchallenged at the British Society of #Antimicrobial Chemotherapy multidisciplinary conference of experts last year. Increasingly, we struggle because following #cystitis #treatments, #infection recurrences and #antimicrobial #resistance too often occur, compromising patients’ health and efficient service provision.


PubMed UK searches reveal over 81,000 articles are available on “UTI” and more than 16,000 on “cystitis,” so #UTI are not mysterious diseases. Our treatments methods are long established and straightforward. In 43 years as a practising doctor my wide exposures to clinical services indicates most prescribers are responsible professionals and cystitis treatments are well documented. Something must be eluding us.


Albert Szent-Gyorgi, the Nobel prize winner in Physiology or Medicine (1937), is quoted as saying, “research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” From a root cause analysis (RCA) of standard oral #cystitis antibiotic treatments, I learned that they all have a set of flaws in common that are evident, but circumstantial. I wish to share the RCA where I can also field challenges, as proper scientific scrutiny warrants. 


Critical review of our current oral #antibiotic cystitis treatment methodologies, to which we are so habituated, was long overdue. Please let me know if your services would be interested in a presentation. It is titled: Science and Art in UTI Treatment: Misconceptions, Mysteries and Mistakes in Cystitis Management.

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