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Wise strategies in uro-oncology presented at EAU 24

The case for widening the #intravesical approach to #bladder diseases and disorders In the European Association of #Urology 2024 conference, intravesical chemotherapy “took centre stage:” 

The case for their use in uro-oncology was made over 60 years ago with the introduction of Mitiomycin C. The value in delivering direct-to-target, topical chemotherapy treatment with maximum efficacy while minimising unnecessary systemic #sideeffects is now obvious. Over the years the tactics for their use have developed. 

The main targets for #urinaryurgency and #cystitis also reside on the bladder’s #urothelial surface but we currently approach them through the alimentary tract and system. Gut microbiome dysbiosis, systemic side effects and pharmacokinetic variability render the treatments far less safe, reliable, and effective and account for #AMR complications. 

Patients treating themselves for urinary urgency, whether idiopathic (#OAB) or #neurogenic, as well as cystitis and #CAUTI sufferers, should be entitled to the same standard of treatment as we provide in uro-oncology. We should encourage developments of intravesical therapeutics for use in the community. Please follow UroPharma to see how that is developing.

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